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Graveyard Regulations

The Carlisle Diocese, in common with all Dioceses, issues guidance notes and applies a number of regulations to burials in the church graveyard. The full Diocesan Regulations on Graveyards are available on the Diocesan web site.

We also have an area used for the burial of cremated remains. There are a number of local regulations applied to such burials. These are shown below.

St Bees Priory Church

Interment of Cremated Remains

The Priory Churchyard has two areas for cremated remains. At the south-west corner of the Churchyard, there is a “Garden of Remembrance” for the interment of ashes with no memorial stones. This area is for the disposal of ashes (not in caskets) in perpetuity, and as such there are no individual plots and no memorial stones.
Adjacent to the Lych Gate, there is a memorial area with provision for individual plots identified by memorial stones. Ashes should preferably be buried without their container but if a container is used, it must be made from a biodegradable material.