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St Bees Graveyard Burials

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St Bees Priory Graveyard is informally divided into seven areas, two being for cremated remains. Chronologically the five grave areas are Late Victorian (alongside the north boundary wall of the Vicarage), North West, South West (obviously the north and south areas at the western end of the Priory grounds staring at the end of this wall), and at the east end, the Early Victorian area (which being an area with graves older than 100 years, has now been re-opened for current burials), and finally, next to the church by the Lych Gate, the North Priory area, where the earliest burials in the graveyard are to be found.

The links below lead to plans of the various burial areas. Please see Cremations for details of areas dedicated to the disposal of cremated remains. Names are recorded in the areas indicated below.

Plan of Priory Grounds Current Area Early Victorian Late Victorian North West Area South West Area North Priory Ashes - Lych Gate area Ashes - Garden of Remembrance