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St Bees Graveyard Burials

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Interment of Cremated Remains

St Bees Priory has two areas for the burial or scattering of cremated remains. Cremation area

The Garden of Remembrance is located at the south west corner of the graveyard. Ashes may be buried here but no memorial stone is permitted. A few are already in place but these were erected before the Diocese of Carlisle ordered the practice to cease, pointing out that the Diocesan regulations did not permit this practice. The memorials erected should have not been permitted but would be allowed to remain. As an alternative permission was sought and granted for a separate area, located by the Lych Gate, to be created for the burial of ashes and the placement of small memorial stones. 

Strict regulations apply to the type of memorial permitted.

The names of those whose ashes have been buried in these areas can be found by following the links below.


Lych Gate burials - Garden of Remembrance burials