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St Bees has 4 War Memorials, plus a Remembrance area in the nort aisle of the church, including Sandwith memorials, much of which is part of St Bees parish. These have been well documented in the village web site and a link to the relevant page can be found below.

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W G Collingwood Village Memorial St Bees School Memorial J D Kenworthy Village Memorial Josefina de Vasconcellos War Memorial

Designed by W G Collingwood, this was the official village War Memorial. Now both this one and the Kenworthy one are considered official.

Pupils from the former St Bees School who died have their own memorial on the School terrace


Kenworthy, whose son was killed in WWI, felt the official memorial lacked impact and designed this second one


The Hand was erected in memory of those former pupils and staff of St Bees School who gave their lives in the World Wars.