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Priory Records Gateway

Welcome to St Bees Priory data storage area.

West DoorThis page is the gateway to many administrative documents held by the church, as well as to the two web sites which provide information about the church and the village. Some documents of relevance only to church officials can be accessed via the private links. User names and passwords, will have been issued to officials by the Properties Manager.

The database was produced initially as a result of a need for a Graveyard Plan and a digitized version of the sandard church Terrier and Inventory. From this sprung the idea of making available on this site, both current and old church records, most of which had already been either produced in the first place in digital format or had been digitized before being sent to the Records Office in Whitehaven or destroyed.

This site is very much work in progress, both from the viewpoint of the programming and the addition of data. Currently much of the graveyard data is available, though work on this is continuing, particularly in respect of tying in the records with, where possible, the actual location of the grave. Basic Search and Sort facilities are available for finding details of burials.

Please let me know if there are any specific facilities you feel need to be added. Note that general information about the church is available via the village and church web web sites. The sections about current and archived documents are next in line for development - a job for winter evenings! Adding the data, particularly to the Terrier will be a major task.

Collating the graveyard data was a mammoth task, and we are grateful for the extraordinary amount of work put into this task by Stuart Nicholson of Whitehaven.

Ian McAndrew, March 2016