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You may browse the various areas of the Priory graveyards and church by selecting from the menu below. 

There are areas dedicated to Cremations, Burials,  and Data Areas. The first two are primarily photo or graphical areas showing gravestones and locations. The Burial Data Area details all the information we hold about individual burials. There is also a section where all the photos of existing gravestones are located. There are no gravestones pre-early 1700s and many graves since no longer have a gravestone; they may never have had one.

Older records do of course exist but these are lodged with the Records Office in Whitehaven. If you are unable to find the answer to your questions on these pages, please address any enquiries to the Records Office. The Priory has no records other than those you can find on these pages and therefore is unable to provide you with any more information.


The Carlisle Diocese, in common with all Dioceses, issues guidance notes and applies a number of regulations to burials in the church graveyard. The full Diocesan Regulations on Graveyards are available on the Diocesan web site. We have an area used for the burial of cremated remains. There are a number of local regulations applied to such burials. These are shown here.

Graveyard Maintenance

St Bees Priory provides the graveyard facilities for St Bees parishioners. The cost of maintaining this facility falls on the Priory and its congregation. No funding towards these costs is received from any official sources such as Copeland Council or even Carlisle Diocese. All graveyard work, such as grass cutting, path maintenance and other work, has therefore to be undertaken by volunteers or funded by the St Bees Priory Parochial Church Council.

If you have found this information useful or if you would like to remember an ancestor buried here, please consider making a donation towards our maintenance costs.
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