St Bees Priory Burial Data

Old College Hall area


CurrentSouth WestNorth WestLate VictorianEarly VictorianOld College HallLych gateGoR

The illustrations of grave locations below shows the relative positions of the graves. It is not intended as an accurate location grid. The various plots just don’t fit neatly into that pattern!  

AUnknownZulligHenry KidleyCaroline ?Thomas MarleyWilliam RobsonUnknownEwan JamesWilliam ShackleyRoad
BUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownShaw OatesJoseph ShackleyRoad
CUnknownJohn McQueenHarry HutchinsonUnknownBainRoad
DUnknownUnknownElizabeth LeechJame DavidsonRoad
EMartin Watson LambJohn WebsterRoad
FJacksonWillim BennAmy Sophia ??William NicholsonEleanor GrindalRoad
Wall of Old College HallRoad

Original table (Not updated).